CAS NO: 9000- 01- 5

KGI imports Gum Arabic(E414, Acacia gum)which is a basic raw material for Gum Acacia. It is mainly produced from Acacia Senegal commonly known as Hashab which are mainly available in Sudan, Senegal, Nigerian, other African countries and also in some parts of India.


This imported Gum is then sorted at our warehouse based on colour, size and characteristics . The most famous is Kordofon Grade. In India the labour is cheap and the material is passed through various size seivers and all the dust particles, foreign matter and wood is separated. Further it is hand sorted in different colours: i.e white,pink and brownish according to various sizes in granule as per the requirement of our esteemed buyer it is Grinded and Pulverised in powder form (Gum Acacia) or Gum Arabic spray dried powder .

The popularity and world wide demand of Gum Arabic is growing. The demand has grown up several times creating supply scarcity conditions.

Gum Arabic Characteristics

Thin Flakes Powder, Granules and Angular fragments.

Colour white to yellowish white.

Almost odourless with mucilaginous consistency.

Carbohydrate Polyer picture

Complex and Highly Branched

Central Core Or Nucleus

D-Galactose and D- Glucoronic Acid. Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium salts.
L -Arabinose and L - Rhammose.

Gum Arabic is multifunctional and is used in wide range of diverse food products.

It's major uses are in the stabilisation of flavour emulsion, in the encapsulation of flavour and in the confectionery industry.

Gum arabic has also found uses as a bulking agent in dietetic products.

It only metabolises with difficulty and can be considered along with roughage or fiber for dietery purpose.

Gum Arabic is also used in other products, notably in paints and inks, pharmaceuticals and adhesives.

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