CAS NO: 9000-28-6

Gum Ghatti
is naturally explored product exclusively found in Indian subcontinent.

We extract the material from Malegaon, Dist. Nasik and surrounding Eastern Regions of Maharashtra State i.e. Dhulia, Akola, Yevatmal, Aurangabad etc. In this region the Forest are Auctioned. We participate in this auction and enter in the contract for a specific forest area. The material is extracted from the Tree Bark under our Specialized Supervision Team.


Gum Ghatti is available in different forms and shaped crystals. The colour of Gum Ghatti varies from whitish yellow to amber. This variation depends on following factors like storage time, duration it has remained on tree before being picked and the tear to the bark. The locals or usually the tribals collect the gum area wise and not tree wise, hence it becomes necessary to manually sort each lot.

This gives us an advantage to supply right Quality as per the Buyers requirement. Very few Exporters in India can provide this services.

It is used in flavoured water, whisky, wines and concentrates for following properties :
It is used for imparting clarity to the product at the right viscosity.
As it is of low viscosity, it imparts exact flow required of wines, whisky, soft drinks etc.
It improves the stability of the product and prevents separation.
It also provides some preservating properties so as to preserve the flavor and colour of the product.
It is also an emulsifying agent.

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